It's been three and half years since Justinus Primitive released his apocalyptic hip-hop epic "Children of the Law of One" and swore off music to pursue other creative endeavors. Despite his intention, the universe had other plans for him. In his dreams, the spells sprouted like magical seeds. In his meditations, the melodies manifested themselves.

Close to the San Francisco beach, in a self created crystal cathedral, Justin has been pulling these magical songs out of the ether and recording them to disk. Along side a deep study of the historical use of vocal harmony, he's been researching the traditional use of magical spells in fiction, non-fiction, and film. From these last months, comes a new full length musical creation called PORTAL.

PORTAL is the dream light that illuminates the gritty urban world of "Children of the Law of One." PORTAL is the forest melody that echoes in your ears as you're waiting in traffic. PORTAL is the mystical door that beckons you to step through it, if you only knew how and where. PORTAL is a signpost for the Other. PORTAL is an act of pure magic that has caused Justinus Primitve to wonder "if you work in alignment with the Divine Will, do you do the magic or does the magic do you?" PORTAL is like nothing you have experienced before and will take a patient and inquisitive ear to tease out its subtle secrets.

Coming in the summer of 2015, PORTAL is centered around the signature long-form vocal spells that Justin has experimented with and perfected over the last six years. Meditative and powerful in themselves, the hypnotic vocal rhythms are enhanced with the heavy sounds of pulsing synth bass and the natural acoustics from the caves in which Justin has recorded them in.

PORTAL is a work of magic and mystery, surely be a special release, the likes of which the world has never heard before.
Currently performing new spells at the bi-monthly open mic night on Tuesdays at The Center, San Francisco.

Also planning a fall tour in support of PORTAL. The most up-to-date information will be available on facebook.

Show History:

04/30/2012 - Tonic Room - Chicago, IL (return from Europe show)
12/07/2011 - Tonic Room - Chicago, IL w/ DMA and The Welcome
10/21/2011 - The Realm - Bloomington, IN - with Normanoak
09/14/2011 - Tonic Room - Chicago, IL
08/06/2011 - Indiana Meets Chicago - Multidisciplinary art show curated & performend by J Prim, w/ Normanoak, Doog, Julian Dalrymple, Lisa Fett.
07/23/2011 - Earth House - Indianapolis, IN with Doog, Normanoak, Castle Oldchair, and DMA!
06/18/2011 - Folk and Beyond Show - Life Force Arts - Chicago
06/02/2011 - Comfort Station - Chicago with Quartz Sword
04/16/2011 - Spring Energy Party - Life Force Arts - Chicago, IL
04/19/10 - Prim / P.O.N.S. CD release - Earth House - Indianapolis, IN
04/9/10 - Prim / Jookabox Tape Release- Big Car Gallery - Indianapolis, IN
03/20/10 - White Light CD Release - ES Jungle - Indianapolis, IN
02/14/10 - Life Force Arts Center - Chicago, IL

Omega Institute 2008 Season (Spell Casting)
10/2008 - Pavilion (Hip Hop set)
09/2008 – Sanctuary Talk (Love Mantra)
07/2008 – Art Hut (On Me)
06/2008 – Art Hut (Transformation Mantra)
05/2008 – Sanctuary Talk (Universal Love)
04/2008 – Art Hut (The Flow)
04/2008 – Open Mic

Love and Liberation Tour (all shows with Doog and Normanoak)
04/05/2008 – Thunderdome – Manchester, CT
04/04/2008 – Nile Loft – Brooklyn, NY
04/03/2008 – Apartment – Pittsburgh, PA
04/02/2008 – Sunny’s Log Cabin – Bloomington, IN

12/20/2007 – Weiser House – Chicago, IL
08/23/2007 – Susumi – Derby, England
06/17/2007 – Thunderdome, Manchester, CT
05/18/2007 – Grady’s Tavern – Manchester, CT
05/17/2007 – Thunderdome – Manchester, CT
05/14/2007 – Nietzsche’s – Buffalo, NY

RISK 2210 Tour (as live band with Erick Sherman)
03/04/2007 – Finhouse – Bloomington, IN (Cinnabar Fields Release Party)
03/03/2007 – Stand Up Comics – Lansing, IL
03/02/2007 – Big Car Gallery – Indianapolis, IN
03/01/2007 – Sycamore Market Place – Kokomo, IN
02/28/2007 – Cheers Lounge – South Bend, IN
02/27/2007 – Mo’s Tavern – Muncie, IN
02/25/2007 – Cherry Canary – Bloomington, IN
02/24/2007 – Deadbeat’s Living Room – Indianapolis, IN
02/23/2007 – Butcher Block Gallery – Louisville, KY

02/03/2007 – Finhouse – Bloomington, IN (Protection Spell)
12/06/2006 – Talley – Muncie, IN (loop noise show)
10/19/2006 – Kokomo Comics – Kokomo, IN
10/15/2006 – Moes Tavern – Muncie, IN
10/05/2006 – NOISE in the IMU Gallery – Bloomington, IN
08/17/2006 – The Village Green – Muncie, IN
08/11/2006 – MMS – Indy CD and Vinyl – Indianapolis, IN
08/06/2006 – The Black Lodge – Boomington, IN (first show w/ Lindsay)
04/11/2006 – Village Green Records – Muncie, IN
04/02/2006 – Smith/ Grant House – Bloomington, IN
04/01/2006 – Marine Corps League – Muncie, IN
03/09/2006 – The Uptown Cafe – St. Petersburg, FL (w/ Erick Sherman & guitars)
03/03/2006 – Second Story – Bloomington, IN (w/ Erick Sherman and guitars)
02/23/2006 – The Dick Sherman – Muncie, IN
02/17/2006 – The Village Green – Muncie, IN
01/13/2006 – The Black Lodge – Bloomington, IN (backed by Eric Alexander and Will Johnson)
10/08/2005 – Woodridge House – Muncie, IN
10/01/2005 – The Black Lodge – Bloomington, IN
09/16/2005 – New York House – Muncie, IN (first show! - Everything, Chao!)

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